LenyFas College of Andragogy was born out of an excellent Community project well known, The Mind-Set Change Organization, founded in 2006. This followed a need assessment conducted by Elifas Homateni Shilongo (the founder) in Khomas Region, during his studies toward a Degree Program of Education at the University of Namibia.

Upon completion of his assessments, Shilongo discovered that many Namibians’ unemployed students especially adults and out-of-school youth, were moving from other regions to the  Capital City of Namibia (Windhoek), in order to search for employment. Even though jobs security was one of the pulling factors, most of them found themselves still unemployed for the  following reasons:

(a) they were unskilled and uneducated. Some of them could not communicate very well in English, as they could only communicate in their mother tongues. In addition,

(b) some of them were computer illiterates, as a result, private companies and Government’s ministries could recruit only those who were having higher qualifications. The situation was worse [uneducated], so much so that, many of them mostly women have had unwanted pregnancies, because of poverty. Some young men were involved in criminal activities because of unemployment and miserable life, the assessment further revealed. Therefore, the assessor got so much revolted seeing the above mentioned characteristics prevailing amongst youth of his independent Namibia, and came up with an educational project to assist them.

Why LenyFas College of Andragogy?


First of all, for the purpose of giving a clear explanation of the name of the College, one may need to cast the mind on the two Greek words that have been used to identify the Education and Teaching Approaches appropriate to specific leaning situations.

These are: Pedagogy (the Science and Art of teaching Kids) and Andragogy as opposed is (the Science and Art of facilitating Adults learning). Even though the college uses learner centered approach, since the it has  dedicated and made itself available to those who have social responsibilities as Adults and Youth our society, be it a woman or man or even out-of-school youth; facilitation have been viewed as appropriate in this regard.
Therefore, with powerful thoughts, the founder of the College has chosen this important word “Andragogy”. What about LenyFas? What is it? LenyFas is a combination of letters of the couple’s names (Helena & Elifas). Therefore, it is now called LenyFas College of Andragogy; and currently, LCA employed over 50 staff members countrywide.

Goals and Objectives:

The objective of the LCA reads as Follow:

  • To equip students with knowledge, practical skills, values and qualification lead to the National Vocational Certificate in Business Services (Level 1- 4) (Office Administration).
  • To equip students with knowledge, skills, values and attitudes in order to become professionally qualified Junior Primary Teachers, who will contribute to the quality of teaching and learning in the Namibian primary schools.
  • To complement the government in its effort of promoting higher pass rate in formal schools, through the provision of Junior Teacher Education Programme.
  • To prepare and  recognise (awarding) people who have the competencies required for working in the hospitality establishment, cleaning and servicing, rooms, public and service areas, and grounds, working in restaurants and/or bars; preparing, cooking and presenting a range of dishes to an advanced level for service to guests and/or customers.
  • This qualification recognizes (awarding) people who have the competencies in Office Administration and ICT field.



Having accepted by the society, most community members of informal settlement areas of Windhoek where assessments took place, embraced strongly this education and community development initiative; and even after the Project was transformed into LenyFas College of Andragogy, in 2009, many disadvantaged members of our society were and are still overcoming because of an affordable educational cost of the college. The College is currently registered with Trade and Industry Ministry. However, this year LenyFas College of Andragogy has kick off with its registration campaign for all qualifications to the Namibia Qualification Framework, and at the same seeking for accreditation from Namibia Qualification Authority.


Not only that, through consultations with the Namibian Literacy Trust (a very reliable Ministry of Education’s Agency –under the directorate of Adult Education), the College’s instructional programmes implementation has been successful with additional computers equipment provided by the NLT. Therefore, more than 3000 students had already benefited from this community institution, in a period less than five years.


LenyFas College is hereby indicating that the following course(s) shall be offered and assessed.

  1. Junior Primary Teacher Education Diploma (JPETD).
  2. Hospitality and tourism.
  3. Office administration and ICT  etc.


LenyFas College of Andragogy is located at the heart of Katutura in (Ombili Complex) at a place with the following characteristics:

  1. It is safe for our students;
  2. has water & electricity;
  3. Proper Sanitation;
  4. Proper Structure designed already for education and training purpose;
  5. A very quiet environment;
  6. With the majority of students stay closer and do not need to worry about transport fees to the campus.